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Welcome to the Zaurus Homepage on! You can access this page from or from More Changes! is on a new server, so point your Zaurus to the raw feed at http://zaurus.cyberphreak. com/zaurus/feed. There are now nearly 300 packages up there, so enjoy!

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As a personal note, Sharp discontinued the SL-6000 in the US. Sharp has awesome engineering and the worst marketing I have ever seen since Atari and the Lynx. I love my SL-6000. Everyone I have shown it to agrees it blows away every other PDA out there. I have no desire for a laptop, my little Zaurus does it all. Write documents, edit images, watch movies, listen to MP3's, surf the web, and about 95% of what I can do on my desktop (other than encoding movies). Such a shame.

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Encoding and Watching Movies on the Zaurus Just Updated!

Mounting NFS file shares

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